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Horseware Micklem® 2 Multi Bridle

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Product description

Horseware Micklem® 2 Multi Bridle

Product details

The Horseware Micklem® 2 Multi Bridle is a multifunctional bridle with an outstanding anatomical design making it the ideal choice for busy horse riders who expect their tack to deliver on every level!

With quick and easy adjustments, the Micklem® Multi Bridle can be a bridle, lunge cavesson or a bit less bridle, all in one superior bridle design! This bridle eliminates any discomfort associated with pressure on the facial nerve network, poll area and ears. Its unique design pays attention to the internal mouth and tongue harmony and eradicates issues such as numbness to the lower half of your horse's face caused by pressure. Low fitting dropped nosebands can be associated with discomfort and, in some cases, breathing restriction. However, this bridle's arrangement considers the danger and trigger zones of your horse's face to present a bridle that champions comfort and an anatomical design with beautiful aesthetics. It comes with tongue protection clips, bit straps, curb groove strap and three strength levels, including a more substantial bitless strap option.

A versatile bridle that can do three jobs in one beautiful design.

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